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Ready-to-grow organic specialty mushroom blocks for farmers

Farmers please contact us at sales@3caps.com or at 812.250.9099.


We supply colonized mushroom substrate blocks to growers who want to build their businesses without having to make large equipment investments. We produce the top commercial strains efficiently so that we can support the development of profitable mushroom farming operations. Because of our location near Indianapolis in Spencer, Indiana, we can ship especially cost-effectively to Midwest locations.

We colonize our 7 pound blocks with shiitake and elm oyster mushroom strains managed by Aloha Medicinals. These two strains offer excellent fruit quality, shelf life, and bioefficiency:

Available for special production runs are a number of additional oyster strains as well as nameko, black poplar, brown beech, lion’s mane, enoki, and reishi.

3 Caps will coordinate with you to use the most cost-effective shipping method to your farm. Pallets consist of 150 blocks in a bulk bin. For initial startup and testing, we will ship boxes of 6 until your volume requirements call for full pallet orders, which optimize the per-block shipping cost.

New Farmer?

Are you a farmer looking for a new year-round cash crop or an entrepreneur with a green thumb? Whether you are looking for a high margin crop to supplement your current income or are interested in a new full time business venture, 3 Caps can help you.

We specialize in helping others get started in the growing and selling of shiitake and oyster mushrooms, which are hot selling gourmet mushrooms at grocery stores, farmers markets and restaurants all over the country. These gourmet mushrooms are becoming increasingly popular with chefs and foodies and are really taking off in the Midwest. This means easy sales and attractive profit margins for growers capable of consistent supply.

3 Caps has deep mycological expertise and has invested heavily in mixing, bagging, sterilization, and inoculation equipment so you don’t have to. By starting with 3 Caps’ colonized substrate blocks, you can focus on the growing and selling of gourmet mushrooms to local grocery stores, restaurants and farmers markets without a big upfront investment.

How It Works

Shiitake and oyster mushrooms are primary decomposers that grow naturally in the wild on fallen trees. The white button mushrooms that most of us are familiar with are secondary decomposers and grow on manure – that’s not what you will be doing!

With automated equipment we mix locally sourced sawdust, spent brewing grain, and water into large mushroom grow bags. We sterilize the bags with steam, inoculate them with shiitake or oyster mushroom spores, and incubate the blocks for 30 days in a climate controlled facility to allow the spores to colonize the blocks. Then we ship the blocks to you so that you can grow the mushrooms and deliver them to market.

As a grower, you can start in a space as small as a spare room in your house or as large as a building available on the farm or back forty. 3 Caps will show you what to do and help you get started on the right foot.

About Us

3 Caps operates at the intersection of agriculture and manufacturing to make products that reflect our values:

Quality. We make products that we would be happy to purchase ourselves. We charge a fair price, and we don’t cut corners. We stand behind what we sell – if you’re not happy, we’ll replace what you bought or refund your money.

Sustainability. We create value from waste produced by consumers and other businesses. We minimize our use of energy, non-renewable resources, and landfill space across our product lifecycles. We strive in all we do to improve the natural systems that we touch.

Locality. We are makers, not middle-men, and we want our hard work and ingenuity to improve our community and country. We manufacture and employ where we live. We source 100% of our production inputs from within the United States, and we prioritize sources located within a three-hour drive of our facility in Spencer, Indiana.

Respect. We honor the claims and investments of all 3 Caps stakeholders – consumers, retailers, suppliers, employees, and owners. We choose kindness and good faith over sharp dealing. We follow the Golden Rule.

Farmers please contact us at sales@3caps.com or at 812.250.9099.